Time-Of-Arrival Electronics kit

The role of the TOA kit is to intercept lightning signals captured by the Boltek lightning detector antenna and timestamp each signal with microsecond precision time-of-arrival time. The precision timestamping function is essential for locating lightning with the TOA method and would not be possible without this specialized hardware.

Package delivered to end users contains a plug-and-play ready TOA-kit V4.x box with two CAT-6 type ports, one mini-USB port and one SMA connector for external GPS antenna on the rear. On the front there is a small OLED display with information about the device's function. Each unit is thoroughly tested before shipping with latest firmware preloaded. All required cables and external GPS antenna are also included. Software and firmware updates are made available on our support forum.


Operational TOA kit V4 sitting on top of a Boltek LD-350


To intercept Boltek lightning signal data the kit must be connected on the Boltek antenna cable. This has no side-effect on normal single point lightning detection functions. Further, the TOA device also connects to a Windows PC (Windows 7 or later) via USB cable where a special client software will analyze and transmit TOA timestamped lightning data over the network to our central processing server.


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